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My fathers furnace stopped working. Hydro informed him that he needed a blower motor and they needed to locate someone to install this expensive part or get a new furnace.
I called several places prior to ESP that informed me the part could go as high as $2800 and were really pushing getting a new furnace and the loan process ( if financially couldn’t afford $5595 for a new furnace).
Once I spoke with Glen from ESP and explained the situation and the information provided he immediately was able to assure me that the information provided maybe not be correct. That it may just be a simple part.
He spoke to me like a friend and I felt he was really trying to help my father.
Glenn’s customer service was beyond exceptional that I had to write a review. It is very rare you come across someone who really does seem to care is honest and goes above the call of duty. Which I feel he did. He suggested I email pictures of the furnace and he would look up the part and he would also send someone that day to take a look.

In the end my fathers neighbor was able to take a look and just as Glen mentioned it was just a small part that cost $40 dollars.
In the future to fix. I will highly recommend ESP for there exceptional customer service and knowledge.


My furnace stopped working this winter and I didn’t know who to call. I first called around and everyone I spoke to was extremely rude and mean to me for not knowing certain details of my furnace.

Thank goodness my friends suggested ESPM because it’s one of the best customer service experiences I’ve had (and I’ve worked in customer service for almost 10 years). They did their research on my broken furnace, and stayed on the phone with me and explained each difference between several brands of new furnaces. The next day they came over to take a look at the broken furnace and brought be temporary heaters so my pipes wouldn’t freeze.

The day of the install they invited me to stay and ask questions and even offered to pick me up some lunch when they went out. They showed me how everything works and how everything is up to code, which, as a single young woman, makes me feel very safe and taken care of. I cannot express how grateful I am to these men for coming quickly, and for answering all of my questions.

I WILL be using them again for future services and WILL be recommending them to those I know.


ESP Mechanical is the most reliable company by far. Glenn was very knowledgeable and very reliable in helping me out. Not only for the best customer service but the courtesy to get out of their way to troubleshoot the problem with my furnace. I highly recommend ESP Mechanical…they are simply the best!!! Thanks again Glenn!!!

Glenn and his team at ESP (East St. Paul) Mechanical Services Ltd are great!! Glenn with his years of experience in this industry makes him invaluable for small businesses. We had them for a 2 day job. They were always on time, professionally dressed and above all their price quotation was extremely reasonable – that’s what you expect from professionals.

Thanks Glenn and we look forward to working with you in future as well.


When my furnace quit on Boxing Day I called ESP Mechanical Ltd. Glenn and Brad quickly determined the problem, convinced the shop owner to open up in order to get the part required, had the furnace fixed and my home warm in no time. They performed quality work, were very polite and courteous, and took care to ensure everything was clean and tidy before they left. Glenn was a great help during a stressful situation, glad to know I can count on them when I need to.

I cannot overstate how great a job ESP Mechanical did on our house. Glenn came out after our system went bad on us and had been producing dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. He was very thorough, walked us through every part of the repair and explained what had been done in great detail. He is a credit to his craft and we will be using him again on all future heating/cooling jobs.

Thanks again Glenn.


Leave A Testimonial

Leave a Testimonial

We chose ESP Mechanical to service our furnace and install a humidifier in our home. We decided to go with ESP Mechanical as they are a Member of the ESP Chamber of Commerce and are located locally in East St. Paul. Glenn was very professional and explained the service he performed on the furnace and made sure we understood how the humidifier operated with our thermostat.

I would recommend ESP Mechanical to my friends and family.


I called East St. Paul Mechanical Services when my hot water tank began leaking. Glenn understood my urgency in having it replaced and offered to come by as soon as I was available. Glenn and Brad’s knowledge and attention to detail were evident as they meticulously replaced the tank. They were professional, respectful and a pleasure to deal with. ESP Mechanical rates are very reasonable and their quotes come in lower than the other hot water tank replacement companies.

I have been recommending ESP Mechanical to my friends and family and intend on using their services to install a new furnace in the near future.


After completing the renovations we decided to get our furnace cleaned and the thermostat replaced. Glenn and his team performed an amazing job cleaning the furnace, performing an inspection and replacing the thermocouple. The thermostat installation wasn’t as easy since two of the thermostats I purchased at Best Buy were defective Nest products. As a result of that, I decided to switch to an Ecobee3, which do fat works very well.

Glenn supported my decision all the way through and helped me go through the 8h installation hassle caused by Nest. During the calls with Nest customers service he represented the customer and not the Nest company, what I really appreciated.

I am glad I found a company that charges a very fair amount of money for their work and would never hesitate to call them again.  Thank you for your help guys!


So glad we finally get Glenn’s exceptional skill and professionalism available to us! With years of experience in the highest levels of the HVAC industry, Glenn and his team always know how to find the right solution and get the job done right the first time. He just fixed a bundle of issues in my home and I would recommend ESP to anyone. You are getting the best with ESP Mechanical.

Just want to say I was very impressed with the service and expertise you provided. Not only did you fix the problem but you taught me a few things being a new homeowner. Will definitely be giving your name out if anyone is looking for HVAC services. Thanks again!

I had an issue with a furnace in one of my rental properties. I called the team at East St. Paul Mechanical Services Ltd and they came out to my property right away. They were able to troubleshoot and locate the problem with the furnace right away. I would recommend Glenn and the team at East.St. Paul Mechanical Services for all of your heating and cooling needs.

I have been recommending ESP Mechanical to my friends and family and intend on using their services to install a new furnace in the near future.