Services that are well researched and individualized to your needs.

Time is of the essence. Our 24 hour per day, 7 days a week emergency service program means you have experienced technicians ready anytime, day or night to respond to unforeseen situations.


ESP has a vast knowledge base when it comes to the various heating systems and their attended applications. From small spaces to a larger area, we can offer impeccable sales and services to compliment your facility weather it’s a residential home or garage or a commercial setting we can offer the right solution for the right price.


Changing or replacing air in any space to provide high indoor air quality or the expulsion of heat or smoke from a building, we can offer sales and services on a large variety of fans applications. Please don’t hesitate to inquire.

Air Conditioning and Heat Pump

Whether it’s a small residential split A/C system, ductless split A/C system or commercial roof top units were committed to providing sales and services that are second to none. Please arrange for us to come out and work with you on your cooling requirements.


refrigeration High, medium, or low temperature refrigeration applications in the residential or commercial industry, East St. Paul mechanical Services can offer sales and services that caters to your applications. Our friendly and courteous staff are here to help

Pumps and Water Softener

From small fractional fluid pumps for various applications to a larger style either at your home, farm or the business, we can help to source or service your needs. Please ask about what may be available.

Hot Water Tanks

water tanks From the smallest domestic hot water tanks, electric or gas, residential to the larger commercial style applications, ESP has a solution to your needs.


With today’s technology there are many options of controls that can compliment your Hvac needs at home or the cottage, office, or the warehouse. Please consult with our technical personal for ideas to either providing a new system or to repair or adapt an older system. We are here to help.

Gas Piping

gas-piping With our “A” gas certification and experiences, the sky’s the limit of all the possibilities that we can provide for you. Please don’t hesitate to inquire about how we can help. Whether it’s a problem with the delivery or the addition of a new appliance we are here to help.

We proudly carry Nest & Ecobee products!

Nest Product